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Dec 6th Heavy Equipment Truck & Trailer Auction

10% B/P W/Cap of $2,500.00 Per Item. IRAY Auctions is hosting another Heavy Equipment auction online. The auction will start at 8:00 am Wed, Dec 6th. Pre-bidding will be open on Wed, November 22nd, at 8:00 am. We continue to thank our customers for their loyalty from the switching of auction platforms and invite you and your feedback as we conduct auctions moving forward. Visit www.iraymn.com/auction for more information. 10% B/P W/Cap of $2,500.00 Per Item.

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Ring 2 Dec 6th Misc Auction

Description: IRAY will host a timed online auction for various misc pieces. This is a timed Auction that will run through Wed, Dec 6th. If you have any questions regarding the Timed Auction, please call the IRAY office @ 320-968-7230 and one of our office personnel will assist you.